Murfreesboro TN Homes: Detail Your Home To SELL Instead of SALE!

Detail Your Home To SELL Instead of SALE!



Quick home sales mean larger profits for the seller.  Not to mention, less headaches from showings and less stress from waiting for an offer.  While getting your home “show ready” is usually no fun, especially if you have young children at home, it is critical in order to sell your home in the current buyer's market. 

Think of staging your house the same as you would detailing your car if
Murfreesboro TN Homes you were going to sell it or trade it in.  You would never think of putting your car in the yard with a for sale sign while it was covered in dirt and still packed with your personal clutter, trash, and belongings.  But, many sellers do exactly that when their put their home on the market.  Think of the investment and cost of your home compared to the car you drive and you will see how crucial it is to invest some time in preparing your home!

When buyers look at your home they are envisioning it as their home.  They are thinking about how great their life would be if they were living there.  If your home projects an image of a happy, clean, peaceful environment, then buyers are going to assume that if they purchased your home, their life will be the same.  Qualified buyers today are looking for a great deal BUT the still buy with emotion.  Having a show ready home will pull them over to your side and make them want your home!   

Don’t stress!  Just a few minor adjustments can make your home, and lifestyle, appear stress free and peaceful.  Beware:  Before you put these easy buy me tips in place, keep in mind that you may fall in love with your home so much that you will decide you really don’t want to move!! 


Make your Home Warm & Inviting 

- Make It Scream BUY ME!

  • The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Capitalize on that by pulling at the buyers emotions.  

  • Have a dish that matches your décor, filled with quality chocolates.

  • Have an attractive pitcher filled with water and lemon slices on the bar or counter.

  • Place an attractive fruit bowl filled with fresh fruit (no artificial please!) on the table or bar.  

  • Clear countertops of appliances and clutter.  Think model home!  You can triple the size of the perceived workspace in your kitchen by simply decluttering your countertops. 

  • Put an apple pie in the oven to bake while showing.  If you don’t bake – buy a frozen pie and just reheat!!  Or, you can simmer Murfreesboro TN Homesspices of cinnamon sticks, clove, and orange peel on the stove top just before your showing.  There have been studies conducted that prove smelling baked goods makes individuals think of their childhood and become nostalgic. Emotions sell!  

  • Create a warm glow - Light candles in every room.  Use a light fragrance such as rain or vanilla.  Nothing overpowering and flowery. CAUTION: Do not do this unless you are leaving your home just before showing and will be returning immediately after!!  

  • Bathrooms - PLEASE!!  Make sure the bath has toilet brushes, plungers, sponges, toothbrushes and medications put away and the toilet lid down. You want your bath squeaky clean, sleek and declutter. 

  • Welcome Mat:  You always want to place a new welcome mat at the front door and make sure all plants and shrubs at the entrance are fresh and healthy.  GREEN is the color that makes the mind think of new opportunity.  In addition to green plants and shrubbery, place a new green welcome mat outside your front door. 

  • Neutralize:  Invest in neutralizing your paint colors and avoid red. Too much red can cause mental fatigue and argumentative feelings.  Neutral colors will keep buyers calm and interested.  Use other colors for accent only. 

Sound simple?  These things are SO SIMPLE that anyone can do them! But what you have just created is a message that says the buyer’s life will be bountiful and abundant living in this home – their home! 

Price your home correctly and these tips to detail your homeMurfreesboro TN Homes
BEFORE placing it on the market, and you will ensure a quick SELL instead of putting your home "on SALE" in today's market!


If you are thinking of selling your Murfreesboro TN home, or Middle Tennessee area home, I'd love to talk with you and help you "detail your home" for a quick sell!




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Thanks for the great suggestions for getting a home sold in this market. 

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