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Laugh Your Stress Away - The Road To Better Health Start With A Laugh

Stress can be a serious threat to our health.  The current real estate market is stressful for agents, home buyers and sellers.  We get stressed over keeping a deal together, working with a difficult person who is key to the transaction, or maybe we just aren’t feeling well which causes stress.  

We all know that stress isn’t good for us, but it seems to be a part of life!  But, did you know that something as simple as laughing can be your first line of defense against stress?!

There was a compelling study conducted that compared the effects of self-selected humor on patients for 30 minutes a day for a year, compared to a control group that did not.  The study concluded that laughter can reduce cardiovascular disease and increase good cholesterol while reducing stress hormones.


There are many unknown benefits to the simple act of laughing!  Laughter can:


Reduce Tension:  Laughing increases circulation which forces our muscles to relax and reduces stress.  It’s hard to stay stressed or worried when you are laughing! 

Promotes Positive Thoughts:  We all know about the power of positive thinking!  Laughing causes us to release negative thoughts and force our minds to become more positive. 

Help Us Cope:  How many times have you been at the breaking point but a good laugh brought you back from the edge?!  When all else fails, try laughing!  It can also help you connect with people so the next time you are in a difficult situation with someone, try to find something amusing to laugh about.  

Reduce Cortisol:  Laughing reduces the stress hormones in our body.  Havig high cortisol levels can cause weight gain as well as long term health problems  Try laughing yourself thin! 

Improve Circulation:  Blood vessels expand and contract when we are laughing.  this helps prevent long term heart problems and improve circulation. 

Reduce Cholesterol:  The study mentioned above showed that people who watched funny movies 30 minutes a day improved their good cholesterol and reduced their bad!

Burn Calories and Tighten Yours Abs:  Who says exercise isn’t FUN!  Laughing burns 50 calories every 15 minutes!  It also causes us to engage those core muscles which leads to a toned mid section!  Next time you want to skip your workout, just opt for watching a funny movie that makes you laugh!

Natural Antidepressant:  Laughing improves our mood naturally.  When we laugh with friends or even clients it causes us to build stronger relationships which have been proven to be beneficial to our long term physical as well as mental health!

If you’ve had a rough day, go home and watch a funny movie!  Spend time with your family and friends telling funny stories.  Find the humorous side of life!  Life is too LONG to be stressed and unhappy!  And, life is far too short not to enjoy every minute we have been blessed with!  The next time you have a tough deal weighing you down, just remember to laugh your stress away!



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